The Devil & Mr. Gandhi Issue #3 Pre-Order Package

9.99 USD
Order your Devil & Gandhi Issue #3 before Election Day! The Devil is determined to run for President of the United States of America, but a bet he lost 50 years ago means he'll have to go back to Hell on Halloween Night! He won't be able to run for the Presidency.... or will he? There's one chance, if he can get the mother of all Indulgences to use as a Get Out of Hell Free card. Can he do it? Will he our next president? Find out!

This Issue #3 Pre-Order Package is for Issue #3 which will be published in November 2016. But if you pre-order now, I'll send you the Devil Super PAC certificate, a set of the Devil Campaign buttons, the 3" Devil for President sticker, and the newsprint edition Issue #3 ten page preview comic right away! And you'll still get Issue #3 in November at no additional shipping cost to you! 

1) Issue #3 Preview comic (10-pages)
2) 2.25" Devil for President Button
3) 1.25" Devil/Gandhi 2016 Button
4) Citizen to Elect The Devil PAC supporter certificate
5) 3" Devil for President sticker
[The above items ship right away]
6) The Devil & Mr. Gandhi Issue #3 full-length comic when it ships in November!