>Searcher... (A Sci-Fi/Western Comic "Draft" with Commentary)

>Searcher... is a 16-page Sci-Fi / Western comic with 2 pages of art and 3 pages of commentary. It is what I like to call a "draft" comic, a storyboard idea of a larger comic project to be made in the future.  Based in part on the John Ford classic movie The Searchers, it is my futuristic departure and re-interpretation in comic form. >Searcher is a veteran of war, looking to start a new life and settle down, so he turns to his brother for help.  Tragedy occurs and his newfound family is at risk of disappearing completely. What will >Searcher do to protect the family he loves? Read the book to find out. 

Purchase of this comic will be accompanied by a bonus 2-page "Thank You" comic as well as some other random comic-themed goodies I have lying about.